Inauguration Ceremony cum MS Press Conference

On 24 May 2012, the Hong Kong Multiple Sclerosis Society was officially established and held its inauguration ceremony with a press conference at the Hong Kong Scout Centre.

Our founding President, Dr. KH Chan; Vice-president, Dr. KL Shiu; Honorary Secretary, Dr. Winnie Wong; and Honorary Treasurer, Dr. TH Tsoi took turns to cover a wide range of topics, including the epidemiology of multiple sclerosis; its proposed pathophysiology; its symptoms; how patients may be affected by the disease; available treatment options and the importance of public awareness to the disease.

The missions and objectives of the HKMSS were introduced, which included:
1) Promoting awareness of multiple sclerosis in our community
2) Helping patients gain early access to early diagnosis and treatment
3) Alleviating the disease burden on patients’ daily lives
4) Helping patients and their carers live a full life

Our society was honoured to have the presence of Ms So, an executive of the Hong Kong Neuro-Muscular Disease Association, as well as Ms Chan, a real MS patient who shared her experience with us.

With the establishment of the HKMSS, we hope that our work can lead to the betterment of MS patients’ lives.

You can see the media coverage of this event here!

President: Dr. KH Chan
Vice-president: Dr. KL Shiu
Hon. Secretary: Dr. Winnie Wong
Hon. Treasurer: Dr. TH Tsoi
MS Press Conference