Scientific Symposium

Webinar: Ofatumumab Meet the Expert Meeting

5 May 2022

13:30 - 15:30



Prof. Jin Nakahara

Keio University

Dr. Stephen Yeung

Medical Director (Novartis)

On 5 March 2022, the HKMSS held a Webinar titled ‘Ofatumumab Meet the Expert Meeting’. Chaired by our council member Dr. KL Shiu, the talk was given in two parts, first by Prof. Jin Nakahara from the Keio University of Japan, followed by Dr. Stephen Yeung who is the medical director of Novartis US. 

In the first part, Prof. Nakahara gave us an overview of the MS treatment algorithm in Japan, and reviewed data from the ASCLEPIOS study. He also shared his personal experience in using Ofatumumab in MS patients, and the practical issues related to commencing, switching and monitoring during treatment.

In the second part, Dr. Yeung focused on the safety data of Ofatumumab, and also discussed on practical tips on using the DMD. The HKMSS would like to thank both Prof. Nakahara and Dr. Yeung for their enlightening talk!