About Us

The Hong Kong Multiple Sclerosis Society was a charitable organization founded in 2012 under the chairmanship of Dr. Koon-Ho Chan. Other founding members included Dr. Tak-Hong Tsoi, Dr. Winnie Wong and Dr. Ka-Lock Shiu. The aim of the HKMSS was to promote awareness of multiple sclerosis in our community; help patients gain early access to early diagnosis and treatment; alleviate the disease burden on their daily lives; and help patients and their carers live a full life.

The society aspired to encourage knowledge exchange by regularly inviting renowned international experts in the field to give lectures. Over the years, we were honoured to have received talks from many top experts. We have also collaborated with various organizations to host health talks and press conferences in order to arouse the public and government’s awareness to the disease, in particular the needs of MS patients. In the near future, we shall look into publishing articles on behalf of the society, in addition to other academic or community projects that may benefit our patients.

We hope to continue our role in facilitating the understanding and acceptance of MS in our community, and improving the quality of life of MS patients.

Our current council consisted of 9 members, under the chairmanship of Dr. WK Cheng.

The Council

Dr. Wing-Keung CHENG

Vice President
Dr. Stephen Wing-Ho CHENG

Honorary Secretary
Dr. Jacky Chi-Yan LEE

Honorary Treasurer
Dr. Jessica Tsz-Ching LI

Immediate Past President  
Dr. Richard LI

Past President
Dr. Koon-Ho CHAN

Past President
Dr. Ka-Lock SHIU

Past President  
Dr. Winnie Wing-Yin WONG

Council Members
Dr. Wa-Tai WONG

Dr. Lo-Yee YAU

Honorary Legal Advisor
Ms Grace BUT

Honorary Auditor
Prof. Patrick WONG

Honorary Fellows
Dr. Patrick C. K. LI
Prof. Vanda A. LENNON
Prof. Kazuo FUJIHARA
Dr. Jacqueline PALACE
Prof. Ludwig KAPPOS

Mission & Objectives

The HKMSS has 4 major missions:

Articles by our Council

The following are articles on Multiple Sclerosis written by our council members over the years.

多發性硬化症 嚴重影響患者一生 – 陳灌豪醫生
多發性硬化症多於壯年發病影響深遠  – 邵家樂醫生

多發性硬化症─與疾同行 – 邵家樂醫生

治療MS 刻不容緩 – 李梓強醫生

正視多發性硬化症 – 邵家樂醫生
支援患者 齊心戰勝惡疾 – 邵家樂醫生
多發性硬化症新知 – 陳灌豪醫生
The Uhthoff’s Phenomenon – Dr. Stephen Cheng

多發性硬化症 女性要小心 – 李紫菁醫生
Learning to live with MS – Dr. Jessica Li
多發性硬化症 年輕女性要注意 – 李志仁醫生