10th Annual Scientific Meeting

On 6-7 November 2021, the HKMSS held its 10th Annual Scientific Meeting as part of the 7th Hong Kong Neurological Congress, which was in virtual webinar format and co-organized with the Hong Kong Neurological Society, Hong Kong Epilepsy Society and the Hong Kong Movement Disorder Society.

The MS Symposium was held in the afternoon of 7 November. The first talk, ‘B-cell therapy: a new era of management of multiple sclerosis’, was given by Prof. Ludwig Kappos from the University of Basel, Switzerland, who was also one of the honorary fellows of the HKMSS. With his extensive work in nearly all the currently approved MS disease modifying therapies, there was no better person to enlighten us on the evolution of B-cell therapy in MS management, as well as the latest data on their use in clinical practice. During his talk, Prof. Kappos particularly talked about Ofatumumab, which is currently the only B-cell therapy approved for use in MS in Hong Kong.

The second talk, ‘Update in magnetic resonance imaging in multiple sclerosis guidelines’, was given by Prof. Frederik Barkhof from the VU University Medical Center of Amsterdam. It was a great honour and delight for us to hear from the very person who defined the Barkhof Criteria for diagnosing MS. Prof. Barkhof gave us an update on the latest recommendations from the group MAGNIMS (Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Multiple Sclerosis). Afterwards, he also shared with us the practical approach in using MRI to guide the diagnosis and disease monitoring of MS.

Despite this meeting being another virtual webinar, we were fortunate to hear and learn from two of the biggest international MS experts this year, in addition to many other stars in various subspecialties of the neurology field. We would like to thank Prof. Kappos, Prof. Barkhof, and all our participants for making this scientific meeting a great success! 

Prof. Kappos on B-cell therapy. Chaired by Dr. Stephen Cheng and Dr. Jessica Li
Prof. Barkhof on the latest MAGNIMS recommendations. Chaired by Dr. Jacky Lee and Dr. KL Shiu
The HKMSS Council
With HKNS Council Members