9th Annual Scientific Meeting

Due to COVID-19, the 9th Annual Scientific Meeting  of the HKMSS was held as the society’s first-ever  full virtual ASM. The meeting took place on 10 October 2020, and garnered a record-high of attendees including Neurologists, Ophthalmologists, Paediatricians, Pathologists and Radiologists.

The first talk ‘Addressing Challenges in Multiple Sclerosis’ was given by Prof. Jiwon Oh from Canada, who shared with us the importance of identifying suitable biomarkers as well as her expertise in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, especially that of the spinal cord.

Prof. Ching-Piao Tsai from Taiwan then gave a talk on ‘Updates in NMOSD’, during which he gave a comprehensive review of the key studies pertaining to the most recent emerging pharmacological agents used to treat NMOSD.

Following our lunch break and the opening ceremony, Prof. Hans-Peter Hartung from Germany enlightened us on the new hot-topic in MS: progression, in his talk ‘Diagnosis of SPMS and the New Era of SPMA Management’. In fact, Prof. Hartung also talked about ‘B-cell Therapy for RRMS’ during our pre-conference workshop webinar on 9 Oct 2020, the evening just before the ASM.

Afterwards, Prof. Heinz Wiendl from Germany gave a talk on ‘Learning MS Immunopathogenesis via Therapeutic Interventions: Novel Insights’, and shared in expertise in immune regulation and protective immunity; mechanisms of inflammatory neurodegeneration; and prognostic and therapeutic markers.

Last but not least, Prof. Peter Rieckmann from Germany shared with his ‘Expert Opinion on the Use of IRT in Clinical Practices in MS’, where he focused on many practical questions and precautions in start immune-reconstituting-therapies.

Hosting a full-virtual ASM was certainly a new challenge to our council, but we were glad that it was a great success. We would like to express our heartful thanks to our 5 overseas speakers, especially considering the time-zone differences. Although it was a pity that we could not meet in person, it is our hope that we could resume physical meetings again in the near future.

With this ASM, Dr. WK Cheung succeeded Dr. Richard Li as the next President of the HKMSS. We would like to thank Dr. Richard Li for his leadership from 2018 to 2020.

Pre-Conference Workshop
Dr. Richard Li, Dr. Winnie Wong and Prof. Hartung
Dr. WK Cheng, Dr. KK Lau and Prof. Rieckmann