World MS Day 2021 VR Videos

As part of the World MS Day 2021 celebration, two VR videos have been made in collaboration with the HKNMDA.

First one, titled ‘患友日常’, allows caretakers and the public to experience first-hand how to feels to be an individual with multiple sclerosis. Using VR technology, viewers can hopefully understand the symptoms that arise for MS patients on a daily basis.

The second video, titled ‘自由飛翔’, brings more hope to both MS patients and caretakers, allowing them to soar through the skies in virtual reality when travelling is heavily impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A card-box VR visor was specially made to view these videos. You may visit this link to see how to turn the box into a visor!


Participants of our MS Day event ‘世界多發性硬化症關懷及教育日’ have watched the second video together on 29/5/2021.