Media Interview: 俄港多發性硬化患者演繹追夢人生

In celebration of the 2018 World MS Day, the HKMSS was honored to have Ms Olga Bobrovnikova visit Hong Kong to promote awareness of the disease. Olga is a renowned Russian concert pianist who is also an MS patient herself. To kick things off, she took part in a media interview along with local MS patient Siu Ping. After an introduction to MS by our vice chairman, Dr. Richard Li, Olga and Siu Ping took turns to share their stories.

Despite being diagnosed with MS at the peak of her life, Olga never gave up, and used the love of her life, music, to stay strong and fight MS. With music, she has discovered new ways to connect with her brain and body, and works passionately to share her knowledge with those around her who are also affected by neurological diseases. Siu Ping, who used to be a comic artist, became unable to continue his job due to multiple sclerosis. However, he has not given up on his love for art, and took up oil painting to express himself.

Olga and Siu Ping both encouraged patients diagnosed with MS not to give up easily, and keep fighting to live their lives to the fullest. Olga performed several pieces during the media interview as a snippet of the Piano Recital on 19 May, which no doubt moved everyone in the room. To commemorate Olga’s visit, Siu Ping also specifically made a portrait of her!


Below is a video clip of the media interview (courtesy of ON.TV)

Here is an interview of Siu Ping and Dr. Richard Li (courtesy of NextMedia – Wonder)

Last but not least, a clip of Olga performing at the media interview (courtesy of the Facebook page ‘So Fit So Good’)!

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