World MS Day 2018 Press Conference

To commemorate the 2018 World MS Day, themed #bringinguscloser, the HKMSS held a press conference on 27 May at the Duke Windsor Social Service Building.

Our council member, Dr. Jacky Lee began by introducing Multiple Sclerosis to the press, and illustrated the importance of early treatment. Our chairlady, Dr. Winnie Wong, then presented the findings of a recent online survey conducted among an MS patient group, exploring the impact of MS on their lives. It was worth noting that 87% respondents were not able to continue their hobbies due to their disabilities, and nearly 80% gave up on their dreams. However, the majority were willing to pursue their dreams again if given the chance, and with courage and perseverance, MS patients can still live a normal and full life.

We were then joined by two local MS patients, who shared with us their inspiring stories. Maggie, a hair stylist, encouraged fellow patients not to become withdrawn, and keep themselves engaged in the society. Jason, a latte artist, experienced visual blurring due to the disease, but bravely stood up to MS and continue her passion. At the press conference, she demonstrated her latte art skills, which surely captured the audience.

Our society would like to thank both patients for their courage, and everyone involved for making the press conference a success!

Here is a radio news clip (courtesy of Metro Radio):

You can also see the media coverage of this event here!

Our council and our two patients
Dr. Winnie Wong & Dr. Jacky Lee
Maggie (left) and Jason (right)