Scientific Symposiums

Jul 4: Dinner Symposium: ‘Extending the Clinical Management for MS – How Far Can We Go?’
Jul 5: Regional Expert Panel Meeting
Dec 6: Risk Management Program for Natalizumab

July 18-19: APAC MS Summit

Mar 9: HKNS Monthly Neurological Clinical Meeting
Nov 6: 29th HKNS ASM – MS Symposium

May 22: Dinner Symposium: ‘Evolving Treatment Algorithm for MS’
Jul 14: Dinner Symposium: ‘Advances in Multiple Sclerosis Management’
Nov 13: Dinner Symposium: ‘Multiple Sclerosis Case Sharing Evening Lecture’

Mar 27: Dinner Symposium: ‘MS in the Real World: How Real World Evidence is Shaping MS Management’
Jul 7: 2018 Multiple Sclerosis Round Table Meeting
Nov 4: 31st HKNS ASM – MS Symposium

Mar 11: HKNS Monthly Neurological Clinical Meeting: ‘Safety Concerns and De-risking of Multiple Sclerosis Therapies’.
Jul 3: 2019 Multiple Sclerosis Expert Meeting
Jul 13: Hong Kong & Taiwan Multiple Sclerosis Forum

Jun 13: Webinar: Asian Perspectives On MS Challenges – ‘NMO and Highly Active Disease’
Jul 13: Webinar: Meet the Expert – ‘Real-world Experience in Using IRTs in MS’
Oct 24: Webinar: Lemtrada Master Class

Apr 1: Webinar: Advancing Treatment of NMOSD with Novel Therapeutic Options
Apr 23: Webinar: Switching of Disease Modifying Drugs for Multiple Sclerosis
Jun 16: Hybrid Webinar: Shifting the Paradigm – The Evolving Role of Anti-B lymphocytes in Multiple Sclerosis
Oct 2: Neurology Expert Meeting – Ofatumumab and the Future of MS Management
Oct 9: Webinar – Expanding Roles of MRI in Multiple Sclerosis Therapy