Webinar: Meet the Expert – ‘Real-world Experience in Using IRTs in MS’

On 13 July 2020, the HKMSS organized a ‘Meet the Expert’ webinar, and invited Prof. Helmut Butzkueven from Monash University of Melbourne, Australia, to share his experience in using immuno-reconstitution-therapies in treating MS patients. The webinar was chaired by our president, Dr. Richard Li, and Prof. Butzkueven began with the practice of using IRTs in Australia with us, with a focus on Cladribine.

The meeting was then open to the floor and explored different aspects of using IRTs, including escalation from other therapies, switching, pre-treatment precautions, the issue of lymphopenia, and alternative plans during treatment failure. We would like to thank Prof. Helmut for enlightening us on IRTs!