Webinar: Advancing Treatment of NMOSD with Novel Therapeutic Options

With physical scientific meetings still being a challenge in 2021, the HKMSS continues to promote academic exchange via the webinar platform. On 1 April 2021, the webcast titled ‘Advancing Treatment of NMOSD with Novel Therapeutic Options’ was held. The talk was given by Prof. Jacqueline Palace, our society’s Honorary Fellow,  and chaired by Dr. Jessica Li, our Honorary Treasurer.

During the talk, Prof. Palace gave us an overview of the latest understandings of MS, NMOSD and MOG-antibody-related CNS demyelinating disorders. She then focused on the three newly approved biologics for NMOSD, in particular Satralizumab, which was recently imported to Hong Kong. Dr. Jessica Li also shared a challenging local case, followed by an enthusiastic Q&A section from our participants.

We would like to thank Prof. Palace and all our participants for making this webinar a success.