Webinar: Lemtrada Master Class

On 24 Oct 2020, the HKMSS organized the ‘Lemtrada Master Class’ webinar. The meeting was chaired by our president Dr. WK Cheng, and we were honored to have Prof. Chiara Zecca and Prof. Claudio Gobbi from the Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland, Lugano, share with us their extensive experience in using Alemtuzumab to treat patients with multiple sclerosis.

Prof. Zecca and Prof. Gobbi not only gave an overview of the long term efficacy of Alemtuzumab, but pinpointed many practical aspects in using the drug, including pre-treatment precaution, peri-infusion conditions, as well as long term monitoring strategies. We hope that this intensive course of Alemtuzumab would better equip local neurologists in using this treatment, and we would like to thank both professors for their time and expertise!