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About Us

What is the HKMSS?

The Hong Kong Multiple Sclerosis Society is a charitable academic organization founded in 2012 under the chairmanship of Dr. Koon-Ho Chan. Other founding members included Dr. Tak-Hong Tsoi, Dr. Winnie Wong and Dr. Ka-Lock Shiu.

Our mission and objectives

  • Promote awareness to multiple sclerosis and its related disorders in the community
  • Help patients gain early access to diagnosis and treatment
  • Alleviate the disease burden on their daily lives
  • Help patients and their carers live a full life

Our work and activities

The society aspired to encourage knowledge exchange by regularly inviting renowned international experts in the field to give lectures. Over the years, we were honoured to have received talks from many top experts. We have also collaborated with various organizations to host health talks and press conferences in order to arouse the public and government’s awareness to the disease, in particular the needs of MS patients.

We are also looking into publishing articles on behalf of the society, in addition to other academic or community projects that may benefit our patients.

We hope to continue our role in facilitating the understanding and acceptance of MS in our community, and improving the quality of life of MS patients.

Founding Members

Prof. Koon-Ho Chan

Dr. Tak-Hong Tsoi

Dr. Winnie Wong

Dr. Ka-Lock Shiu

Subsequent Council Members

Dr. Kwok-Kwong Lau

Dr. Richard Li

Dr. Wing-Keung Cheng

Dr. Stephen Cheng

Dr. Jessica Li

Dr. Jacky Lee

Dr. Wa-Tai Wong

Dr. Maggie Yau

Dr. Kelvin Tsoi

Honorary Fellows

Dr. Patrick Li

Prof. Vanda Lennon

Prof. Kazuo Fujihara

Prof. Jacqueline Palace

Prof. Ludwig Kappos

Prof. Amit Bar-Or

The Current Council (2022-2023)

Dr. Stephen Wing-Ho CHENG

Vice President
Dr. Jessica Tsz-Ching LI

Honorary Secretary
Dr. Wa-Tai WONG

Honorary Treasurer
Dr. Jacky Chi-Yan LEE

Immediate Past President  
Dr. Wing-Keung CHENG

Past President
Dr. Koon-Ho CHAN

Past President
Dr. Ka-Lock SHIU

Past President  
Dr. Winnie Wing-Yin WONG

Past President
Dr. Richard LI

Council Members
Dr. Kelvin Lap-Kiu TSOI

Honorary Legal Advisor
Ms Grace BUT

Honorary Auditor
Prof. Patrick WONG


All registered medical practitioners in Hong Kong who have obtained a specialist registration are welcome to join the HKMSS. Membership is currently free of charge.

Download the membership application form here

Affiliated Organizations

Hong Kong Neurological Society

Hong Kong Stroke Society

Hong Kong Society of Neuromuscular Diseases

Hong Kong Movement Disorder Society

Hong Kong Epilepsy Society

Hong Kong Brain Foundation

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