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Living with MS

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Anxiety and Stress

When you are first diagnosed with MS, you may feel lost or helpless. You may experience many symptoms which make you worry. You may also wonder what are things that you should or should not do. All of these lead to stress, which can lead to a vicious cycle. It is important to learn how to de-stress, and express your thoughts to your closed ones.

Temperature Effect

Due to myelin damage, patients with MS may experience various symptoms under extreme temperatures, known as Uhthoff’s phenomenon. Sometimes, these symptoms may even mimic disease relapse. It is therefore essential to be aware of this phenomenon, and learn tricks to avoid it.


Although studies have shown the benefit of Vitamin D in patients with Multiple Sclerosis, there are no definite guidelines on MS diet. Nevertheless, it is important to have a balanced diet to ensure good nutrition. Some patients with swallowing difficulties should also avoid food that makes them choke easily.


Fatigue is common among MS patients. However, regular exercise is still highly recommended as it brings a wide range of health benefits. Patients with MS should choose exercises which they feel comfortable with and work gradually but consistently to maintain muscle strength and flexibility.

Exercise Videos for MS Patients